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About Us
The company called Pannon Diagnosztika Kft. established the year of 2003 by well qualified specialists from different companies called Negolabco, Synlab Diagnostic and other staff.

By the well oriented market strategy and the longlife tradition of market relatonship of our company can ensure the business success from the very first steps.

Our service staff and market specialists trained by different companies for example the European headquarters of COULTER in Krefeld Education Center for hematology and immunology line and they have more than ten years, daily routine based experience all around the Hungarian hospitals,.

We are glad to inform you that our company is maintaining and servicing most of Coulter analyzer and Cormay clinical chemistry analyzer within contract in the different healtcare institution and other companies in Hungary.

Continual participation on different exhibition and self-organized specialized work-shop we provide the appropriate presentation of Coulter and other instrument what is all-important for accomplish of the calculated destination.

Architecture of our company:
General director
director of sales:
Mr. Zoltán Vidra
Projekt referens: Mr. Jozsef Attila Nagy
Marketing manager Mrs. Ildikó Hara
Projekt manager Mr. Gábor Vidra
Secretry Mrs. Tünde Nagypál
Service staff: Mr. Tibor Király
  Mr. Márton Tósoki
Production: Mr. József Marosi

Represented companies:
Synlab Diagnostic GmbH Germany
INTEX Switzerland
Erba GmbH Germany
Spinreact S.A.
Interlab Spa. Italy
Tosoh Biocience Japan
Orphée SA Switzerland

Business plan for the future
The possibility for our business negotiation with the instrument registration in Hungary and after how can we start the demonstration and tenders or rental programs. The basis requirement of our company is to be participated all such application as occured state regular acquisition way. The daily contact with our partners allow us for high efficiency handling of customer request or rather the informations.

Our goal to give the correct up-to-date information to our customer about the new and actual product line of our represent company like your company.

The guidance of our company accentuate for the client claim, possibilities, which are often financial problem. We are ready by our actual credit frame to offer different kind of rental construction for the customer who wants to get in time a hematology analyzer. These conditions are indispensable for the effective and successful presence on the Hungarian healthcare market.

For the future we are shure that the hungarian market we can propose the very best offers for our customer with high level support of your products for establishing a new basis both of accessories and instrument.

Mr. Zoltán Vidra
Generel director

Pannon Diagnostic Ltd.